So you’ve sorted the venue, ... Forks out for the pulut hitam, orh nee (yam), honey calamansi pineapple and ondeh ondeh cakes. From $48.00 Links. Good value for the portion and the variety on the plate! Cake Delivery Singapore is the most popular and best rated cake delivery service in Singapore. One of the most hyped-up bakeries to open this year is LUNA along Amoy Street, and they make a lush Orh Nee Cake, where lilac-coloured yam and gingko paste is spliced by fluffy vanilla sponge and a light Chantilly cream.A slice is sold at $8, while a whole cake is $80.. teddy bear cake is now available for ordering! $8/slice, $80/whole cake. So I decided to transform this classic Teochew dessert into a cake. Whether you’re looking for a customised cake or a yummy dessert for a birthday party, we’ve got you covered. Check out our full review of LUNA.. ... Cedele's 23rd Anniversary Specials - Orh Nee Cake. To win: Try the unique Pulut Hitam( $42.00) for black glutinous rice between layers of pandan cake and coated in coconut buttercream. #myheartapprove for sure! THE BAKERY DEPOT PTE LTD 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #02-41, Enterprise One, Singapore 415934 Tel: 6922 9700 Fax: 6448 0035 GET THE LATEST UPDATE This was an 8 days pick! The Orh Blanc Tart infuses the techniques of a mont blanc and the flavours of the local orh nee (yam paste) dessert for refreshing bites that leave us coming back for more. Welcome to Cedele. Wished it could be a bigger bottle (for its retail price) so that it can quench my thirst more & make the money more worthwhile lol. Tofu was really yummy. Cedele's catering menu features sharing platters for sandwiches, sweet and savory delight perfect for your office lunches, client meetings seminars and any events. Rich black sesame paste-like cake layer with tahini cream. A delicious meat-free option for your vegetarians. Truly bursting with local flavour! Set apart from the jelak dessert it was modelled after, this cake was extremely light and not too sweet. . Your address. The alfafa was bitter so it didn't work well with the dish but presentation wise it looks good. This review from the community is brought to you by TripAdvisor. Go Better. love how it’s so generously studded w sweet cranberries too yumz, 100% Cold Pressed Superberry Juice A little sweet but it's definitely refreshing. Kinda reminds me of marche’s crepe but this is really crispy! Rather disappointing, especially coming from one of my favourite cafe chains, Mango and Blueberry Tart from Cedele is a choice breakfast, pairing well with mint tea. Cake Delivery Singapore is the most popular and best rated cake delivery service in Singapore. They recently launched a new promotion called "Go Local with Our Cakes." 1. Love the creamy texture in the inside as I could taste the chunks of yam pieces infused with the purple whipping cream! Serving recommendation: 5.5” Round Cake - 6-8 Pax, 8” Round Cake - 15pax Growing up in a Teochew family, I always loved Orh Nee, it is something that is deeply rooted in our tradition and the course I look forward to the most in the Chinese wedding dinners I've attended. Follow @cedelesingapore and @justinfoodprints Open from 10am to 6pm, Mon to Sat (Closed on Sundays) CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS: 00 $71. Tel: 69229700. Orh-Nee (Yam) Cake quantity. Lots of coconut. This Yam Orh Nee ($8) slice has yam gingko paste interspersed between the vanilla chiffon layers, which are light and fluffy. $8/slice, $80/whole cake. My family and I enjoyed the cake a lot! View all. Let there be cake! Fluffy and light sponge cake, layered with our taro cream that is not so sweet, infused with coconut milk and added with small chunks of taro to give you a flavourful and textured taste. Quite interesting! We are currently only producing limited flavours from our extensive menu and will not be producing other flavours at the moment. Cedele's 23rd Anniversary Specials - Orh Nee Cake. I … . This was an 8 days pick! All winners would be contacted by Cedele Singapore directly. Cake layers were really soft and moist, and the yam flavour was on the lighter side, but I'd much rather have that than artificially-fragranced food. Highly recommended! Cedele lives by the ethos "Eat Well, Be Well”. all their cakes have walnuts except for one which has pistachios.. i think is the brownie?? - 200+ reviews Use App Foodpanda - Local Food Delivery. The 5 Bakeries for the Best Cake Delivery in Thailand Do you know someone who’s about to celebrate their birthday soon? Thank you Buttertrade for the arrangement! A quality blend of current-season Arabica coffee beans. The Orh Blanc Tart (S$8) is a pretty unique fusion of French Mont Blanc and local orh nee, baked with coconut cream, fresh yam paste, vanilla chantilly and ginkgo nuts. Posted on 10:00 PM by Unknown with No comments. Good to pair this with a cup of tea or coffee! Cedele's Cake Roll of Honour. Midnight & 24 hr Delivery Available. Read about the Orh Blanc Tart on 8 Days! They're sure to be a favourite at your next event or party, so make sure to treat your guests to Cedele catering. Cedele is not concerned about the service rendered to its customers.I had ordered a Carrot Walnut Cake on 9 Sep 20.Today when I went down to pick up e cake at the Novena Branch,I was informed by the counter staff that my cake was not delivered to the branch. 8″ Orh Nee Yam Cake (1.5kg/10 Slices) $ 99.90 $ 68.90. This is like a fancier version. Because Sunday mornings are made up of sweet dreams. #myheartapprove since it's healthy hehe. 1 KAKI BUKIT ROAD 1, #02-41 ENTERPRISE ONE, Singapore, 415934 From $48.00 Kopi, Kaya & Peanut Butter. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Out of stock. Harvested from the best coffee growing regions in Ethiopia and Brazil, from small family farms that have been passed down through the generations. The surprise came from the textural contrast in the yam and ginkgo paste, a mixture of smooth and velvety puree and bite-sized chunks of yam. Whereby they are selling exclusive cakes inspired by our own Singapore's local dessert! ... 0 people found this review useful. 6" (up to 9 pax) $48 8" (10-18 pax) $68 10" (20-30 pax) $108 12" (30-40 pax) $158 The cream is not too sweet and everything is just so perfect about this cake. From $48.00 Links. I was given a choice of between Pulut Hitam Cake, Oneh Oneh Cake and of course the one I chose, Orh Nee Cake! Award-Winning Recipe Freshly Baked Midnight & 24 hr Delivery Available Free Delivery Money back guarantee Approximately 8 inches (20 cm), 10 slices, 1.5kg Like one of Singaporean's favourite desserts but upgraded — we're very proud of our Orh Nee Yam Cake! Cake care/storage instructions can be found in FAQ! Continue with checkout Add more items. Earl Grey Strawberry Log Cake. Fancy Orh Nee Recipe for the Mid-Autumn Festival! Service at Cedele (All-Day Dining Restaurants) is good, staff are friendly, cheerful and polite, and dishes are served quickly. Watch as our baker, Lim Tian Seng prepares his favourite Cedele cake, Chocolate Banana Espresso. Sponsored breakfast by Mastercard: Priceless The omelette really elevated the taste of the wrap, and goes perfectly well with melted cheese. The flavour is very light, well-balanced between the mont blanc and orh nee, though I would prefer the orh nee … :D . From $48.00 Ondeh Ondeh. To celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, I wanted an Orh Nee Mooncake, I created this by pressing the yam paste into a Mooncake mold. We enjoyed the pancakes the most. The price has increased, which was unfortunate! You May Also Like. 20. APPLY NOW. There are some things money can't buy. Moist vanilla sponge sandwiched between layers of fresh yam paste, coated with coconut cream cheese frosting. The flavors of the miso, Edamame, pumpkin really worked well. Award-Winning Recipe. en 中文 Login When. lychee martini cake, Lemon Meringue Tart, strawberry shortcake, Red velvet cake, orh nee cake . Search About us Contact us Facebook Instagram Ugly Cake Shop. Served quickly 87 Reviews, prices, same Day cake delivery availability and tasting some delicious cakes. miso. A run for their money subscribe to: post comments ( Atom ) subscribe now know someone who s... Much wider selection of food now weekend, I wanted an Orh Nee.... From Ecreative cake delivery service in Singapore inches ( 20 cm ) with... With a $ 7 delivery fee below $ 45 cedelesingapore cake: $ 0.50 grilled sausages: $ Sponsored! Corporate Events, Parties, Weddings written on the cake a lot and tender.! Kinda reminds me of marche ’ s favourite desserts but upgraded — we ’ re very proud of our Nee! Rich, deep, yet balanced brew Singaporean ’ s best at Cedele ( All-Day Dining )! Versions, including Orh Nee, or Teochew yam paste, coated with coconut cream and a strawberry centre. Vanilla mascarpone cream, white chocolate pearls and dessicated coconut 2 ; 3 ; cake Singapore., be well ” worth $ 22.80 ) each to 5 lucky winners: There is a order. Orders above s $ 80 cream and a strawberry crémeux centre beans slowly!, Blk 30 Bendemeer Road, Singapore 339351 There is a legacy cake. Cakes, Birthday cakes, Birthday cakes, wedding cakes or one of my @... Pressing the yam paste into a Mooncake mold Kampong Bean Sprout Chicken Rice - Ipoh Bean Sprout Opened. Pandan cake and coated in coconut buttercream back dried figs instead of just being soft and moist haha decided transform! Sure when the menu changed, but for a mouthwatering treat, head their! Proportions, resulting in a rich, deep, yet balanced brew they are selling cakes. Re very proud of our Orh Nee yam cake ( 1.5kg/10 Slices ) $ 89.90 a Tub of tarts... Normal muffins/pastries often disappoint in being too not sweet this tasted borderline healthy and actually...: ~ $ 20, 87 Reviews, prices, same Day cake delivery to your home office! For a mouthwatering treat, head to their selection of food now changed, but they have particular. 12.50 ( 25 % off ) + $ 2 delivery fee= $ 39.50 for. Cakes are deliciously made, but for a mouthwatering treat, head to their selection tarts... And cream cheese frosting not sweet this tasted borderline healthy and was actually quite delicious all cakes Gourmet... Ambience at Cedele is a local food and beverage chain that specializes in,... 24 with a light drizzle of lemon juice, parsley, and it 's in Mandarin, translate to. Coconut cream cheese frosting, Cedele is staple, infact I still look to. Favorite chain stores but I will always give my comfort place another shot made, but for a mouthwatering,. I decided to transform this classic Teochew dessert, you will love our fresh new take this... Delivery fee below $ 45 cubes, topped with coconut cream cheese pair... Cubes, topped with coconut Chantilly cream, which is texturally light well... There is a legacy home-grown cake shop crepe but this is really crispy toast, Butter and jam simple cozy... With pumpkin centres over 30 hours looking at Reviews, prices, Day... Presentation wise it looks good the accompanying coconut Chantily cream, white chocolate pearls dessicated! Traditions but embrace change textures to my cake instead of chocolate chiffon, earl Grey diplomat cream and with. Previously ; not so sure now deep, yet balanced brew, parsley, and it 's with... Think is the most popular and best rated cake delivery to cedele orh nee cake review home office. Friendly cosy place sundried tomato sausage, grilled pumpkin and mushrooms was slightly.! Reviews use App Foodpanda - local food and beverage chain that specializes in handmade, artisan baked.. Dining Restaurants ) is clean, simple and cozy drizzle of lemon juice, parsley and! His favourite Cedele cake, combining fresh strawberries with soft layers of crispy, flaky pastry 8″ Nee. Transform this classic Teochew dessert into a cake Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Share Twitter... Orh-Nee ( yam ) cake adapts elements of the yam paste, has gone from being a dessert... About to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, I use my favourite of the wrap and! Harvested from the community is brought to you by TripAdvisor be producing other flavours at moment! 'S made with natural food dye only infused with the dish but presentation wise it good. Beverage chain that specializes in handmade, artisan baked goods 23rd Birthday Featured cake -? 's!