The SNPs in NOS2, TGFB2, and IL2RA genes were also observed with high genetic differentiation in the Katahdin and St. Croix vs Dorper analysis. In our program we are crossing with White Dorper rams to produce marketable lambs. Pure Dorper meat is excellent, too, and can be eaten cold… it has no fatty or mutton taste.” At about 120 days of age, wethers were dewormed and returned to infected pastures. American Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society – the official registry for Dorper Sheep in the United States. JavaScript is disabled. In wether lambs exposed to natural infection by grazing of contaminated pastures (Table 2), severity of infection was less than in artificially infected ewe lambs. Dorper crossbred lambs sired by imported rams in 2000 were significantly heavier than lambs of other breeds, but this advantage in body weight was not observed for Dorper crosses in 2001 or 2002. Although the breed was created in the 1930s, it is still fairly new to the US. One of the most fertile of sheep breeds that is hornless with good body length and a short light covering of hair and wool. At Stoneheart Farms we specialize in Katahdin x Dorper crosses for exceptional market lambs and for replacement breeding stock. Bearfoot, they are Beautiful! and Katahdin ewes was 140 percent to 212 percent, and 168 percent, respec-tively (Wildeus, 1997). In Katahdin ewe lambs exposed to artificial parasite infection in drylot (Table 1), average numbers of parasite eggs in the feces were 45% less than those observed in Dorset crosses and 62% less than those observed in Dorper crosses. Katahdin x Lacaune. Oh wow! Dressing percentage and 12th rib fat thickness was lower for St. Croix lambs compared to Dorper-sired progeny or Katahdin. We have a new young crop of KJH registered Dorper Ewe lambs for sale private treaty. All were sired by Ute. If you are looking for a high weight gaining lamb, then Dorper’s might be your choice. after which time they often tend to put on too much fat. Name: Salt DOB: 4-20-11 Sire: Jacob Dam: Winifred Breed: 3/4 Katahdin, 1/4 Dorper To be bred to Royal White ram. Asked my neighbor if he wanted to keep some of his Dorpers in my old sheep pasture. The cross breeding results in the best of both breeds but also in the benefits of heterosis, commonly known as hybrid vigor. Despite the lower body weights of Katahdin wethers in 2001, breed rankings for fecal egg counts were consistent across years in wethers, indicating higher levels of worm resistance in breeds with Caribbean hair sheep ancestry. Animals become anemic with losses in production and, potentially, death resulting from blood loss in the gut. I would also be interested in bred young ewes. Fecal samples were collected for determination of fecal egg counts and samples of blood were taken to determine packed cell volume at 3, 4, 5, and 6 weeks after infection in order to monitor the course of infection. How do they compare? Other hair sheep breeds include the St. Croix, the Barbados Blackbelly, and the American Katahdin, which produces lean meat lambs. The breed’s popularity in it’s native area has increased in the recent years. Measures of packed cell volume in Katahdin lambs were generally equal to, or higher than, those of other breeds, confirming a level of resistance to parasitism. Their bloodlines include Yucca Lilly, Summa, Karoo, Kaya, and 3C blood lines. The Katahdin sheep breed was the first in the United States to reach sheep industry standards of carcass quality. Dorpers tend to be a little larger, and Katahdins are excellent mothers, so a Dorper /Kathadin cross is nearly perfect. Carl, If I go with a black face, I will definitely curb the late gestation feeding. Registered Ewe lambs start at $500 per head. Yearling ewes usually produce single births, with twins and even triplets common in subsequent years. These lambs have made it to 70-90 lbs on milk and grass only! Dorper lambs have amazing growth rates when young.Hair sheep don’… We are now accepting deposits to reserve your purchase. We are now accepting deposits to reserve your purchase. )They’re too small to be of commercial value.Fact: While it’s true that Barbados and St. Croix are small animals (ewes 80-110 pounds), few commercial breeders raise them. Lots more Katahdins than Dorpers around here, too. Grading up to Dorper. Keeping feed costs low while still supplying the necessary nutrients to keep the flock healthy should be the goal of every shepherd. I have dorper X and I love them. The Dorper has been very effective in increasing the growth rate, carcass size and quality of all the typical hair-type breeds such a the Barbados, Katahdin, St. Croix, the Mexican Pelibuey and other breeds that are considered exotic types. Dorper ewes have calm dispositions, good maternal instincts, and are heavy milkers which adds up to high lamb survival rates and rapid lamb growth. These breeds originally came from the hot, humid, high-rainfall regions of West Africa, where parasite challenge is extremely high and where development of parasite resistance would have been advantageous. Overview: The Dorper is a South African mutton breed developed in the 1930's from the Dorset Horn and Blackheaded Persian.The breed was developed for the arid extensive regions of South Africa. Several myths still surround hair sheep. Ex Hacienda El Zoquital agradece a nuestros amigos de Sin Ruta por la visita que nos hicieron hace unos días en el rancho, en la cual tuvimos la oportunidad de mostrar un poco de lo que se trabaja día a día en el mejoramiento de ganado ovino, alimentación, manejo y demás actividades. These lambing rates compare favorably with some of the moderately prolific wool breeds in the United States. This has proved profitable for us in that we have very little expense involved. Under these conditions, breed differences in packed cell volume were reduced and the apparently high baseline level for packed cell volume in the Dorper was evident. Wether lambs remained on pasture after weaning at about 90 days of age. Our ewes will have 190 to 200% lamb crop.Get back to us for more information and pictures. ;-). A forum community dedicated to living sustainably and self sufficiently. Katahdin. A total of eight Dorset rams were represented. The fast growth of the F1 Dorper/Katahdin lambs was very impressive, at nearly twice the rate of the fullblood Katahdin lambs. Dr. I used to have wool sheep, but my back can't shear them anymore. 12/21/2020 – For Sale – Southeast Florida Results for wether lambs grazing infected pastures in 2001 and 2002 are shown in Table 2. This experiment was conducted over 3 years (2000-2002) at the Southwest Virginia Agricultural Research and Extension Center in Glade Spring. Dorper. Esther, 2006? We have a small flock of large framed Katahdin ewes and are considering getting a white dorper ram to cross them to this fall. They are a very nice mix between a St. Croix and Dorper. Email or call us at 602-460-0850. His first intentions related to establishing a sheep enterprise were to use sheep to graze power lines instead of spraying or mowing the vegetation. there are lots of Katahdins in New York! The Dorper is a mutton breed of hair sheep developed in the 1930s. Loin muscle areas were largest for Dorper-sired progeny, smallest for St. Croix-sired, with Katahdin intermediate. Katahdin Ewe. Good breeders may be sold out of ewe lambs this time of year but you can make inquiries for next year now. The Society was organized in December of 1995. I also like the Dorpers so we bought the best Dorper ram lamb I could afford and he is turning out to be a beauty. Q. Measurement       groupa                 2000             2001             2002          Average, Mean PCV             DO                 27.9 ± .5        25.0 ± .4       26.1 ± .7        26.3 ± .3, Measurement        groupa                       2001                   2002                  Average, Mean body wt       DO                         69.6 ± 1.0         83.2 ± 1.3            76.4 ± 0.8, Mean FEC             DO                     1556 ± 151         953 ± 123          1255 ± 97, Katahdin Hair Sheep International   |   PO Box 739, Fowlerville, MI 48836  |  Phone: (717) 335-8280, KHSI Meeting Minutes and Financial Reports. Low values for packed cell volume are thus indicative of anemia and are commonly associated with high fecal egg counts. Both breeds do very well with the grass-based, pasture lambing system I use. There is thus nothing in the evolutionary history of the Dorper breed to suggest that these animals would have developed resistance to internal parasites. That Dorper style is also evident by their heavy, boxy frame that is wide from the ground up. The Royal White breed is selected for their easy-care, low stress, parasite resistance, flock ability, high performance and height to weight proportional for better meat distribution. Three National Sales are held annually and a National Championship Show is held every second year. I like both breeds and have both. Meat is very mild, too, though I've only eaten the cull adults, not lambs. Breed differences in packed cell volume were likewise consistent in 2000 and 2001 but much-reduced in 2002. we had Barbados for a long time, then got a Painted dessert ram later and he added lots of new color to the herd. Dorper. A comparison of resistance to infection by barber-pole worms (Haemonchus contortus) in straightbred Katahdin, Dorper crossbred, Dorset crossbred, and Caribbean hair sheep crossbred lambs revealed that resistance levels were consistently higher for Katahdins than for Dorper crosses or Dorset crosses. Breeders have introduced Dorper rams into other lines, such as Katahdin sheep and Texel, with good results. 2015 marks the first year that major shows in Texas have changed from “Hair Sheep” to purely “Dorper… In October of 1996 the first event was held in Cameron, Texas with attendees from Mexico, Canada, South Africa and several regions of the United States. At our farms, we are passionate about our sheep, the genetic … And their popularity increased due to low wool prices and high shearing costs. Had never heard of Dorpers before, but they were very nice to handle and sure were beefy, but they were just white, yours have got me thinking! Our ewes will have 190 to 200% lamb crop.Get back to us for more information and pictures. Katatdin x Dorper . This has proved profitable for us in … There are also a handful of heritage hair breeds still raised in various corners of the world – including some that look more like a wild mountain goat than a domesticated sheep – some of which are available to farmers in the U.S. Comparisons of fecal egg counts between Katahdins and Caribbean hair sheep were not consistent across years. The purpose of the breed is to efficiently produce meat. Registered Dorper Ewe Lambs For Sale. Table 1. Dorper x St. Croix progeny had heavier carcass weights than St. Croix-sired or Katahdin lambs. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The latter has been recorded whenever hair sheep were compared against wool sheep, i.e., St. Croix, Katahdin, or Dorper vs. Hampshire (Burke and Miller 2002); Santa Ines lambs vs… For more information, contact Dr. David Notter ( or Dr. Scott Greiner ( Introducing the Dorper rams into a strong flock of ewes in a strict breeding program … Ranch and Rural Living Magazine states they do well on small farms and don't require shearing. Explore 3 listings for Dorper sheep lambs for sale South Africa at best prices. Dorper crosses thus appeared to be somewhat less resistant to internal parasite than Dorset crosses, at least under the more challenging environment provided by the artificial infection, but their somewhat greater resilience to infection allowed them to maintain similar packed cell volume. In this cross, the parasite resistance, better shedding qualities, and higher reproductive rate of the Katahdin is balanced with the superior conformation of the Dorper. Four imported Dorper rams were used by AI in 2000; two different natural service rams were used in each of the next 2 years. Dorper crossbred lambs were not more resistant thatDorset crosses, but the Dorper appears to express a degree of resilience to infection that may reduce symptoms of parasitism in moderately infected animals. Q. Patterns never change...liars can never be believed. These results confirm high levels of parasite resistance in Caribbean hair sheep and a moderate level of resistance in Katahdins. Name: Abigail DOB: 4-26-11 Sire: Jacob Dam: Faith Breed: Purebred Katahdin To be bred to Royal White ram. The Katahdins are just so expensive, and I am only in 9th grade, so I don't have a ton of money. But if I feel the purebreds would be the best, I will spend it. Ewe lambs remained in drylot after infection. In Katahdin ewe lambs exposed to artificial parasite infection in … Plus they are rare in this area and that helps keep the breeding stock prices up. “We have eaten the meat from half-crosses and it is comparable to Katahdin meat. The newly-established sheep multiplier farm in San Miguel, Leyte. They were provided with supplemental grain and dewormed as needed. Ranch and Rural Living Magazine states they do well on small farms and don't require shearing. Suite 500, Troy, Michigan 48084 USA. In contrast, Katahdin and Caribbean hair sheep crosses were clearly more resistant to parasitism, and also tended to become less anemic. Katahdin ewes cross well with other breeds to produce superior market lambs. The Dorper and the Katahdin were derived from very different types of hair sheep. The cross breeding results in the best of both breeds but also in the benefits of heterosis, commonly known as hybrid vigor.C rossbred individuals tend to be more vigorous, more fertile and grow faster than purebreds. Ellie Mae, our 2010 3/4 Dorper, 1/4 Katahdin Ewe Sire: Dorper ram Dam: Edith. The barber-pole worm affects its host by attaching to the gut wall and sucking blood. Two varieties of Dorper Sheep were created: the black headed Dorper and an all white variety, the White Dorper sheep. At Stoneheart Farms we specialize in Katahdin x Dorper crosses for exceptional market lambs and for replacement breeding stock. 2 are Katahdin and 2 are katahdin/dorper crosses. In South Africa, the Dorper is likewise most commonly found in arid and semi-arid regions where parasite challenge is often low. Hoping for a great crop of lambs in the spring, should be interesting, color wise too. Working together with one goal – hard-working sheep for forage-minded producers. registered Dorper Sheep. A few years ago, Neal Amsberry was at a sale barn selling the last of his feeder goats when he noticed some hair sheep being sold. Dorper crossbred wethers also had higher packed cell volume than Katahdin wethers under conditions of low parasite challenge in 2002. The Katahdin breed is an easy to care for, meat type sheep, naturally tolerant of climatic extremes and capable of high performance in a wide variety of environments. Consistent breed differences in body weight were not observed. This modern South African breed thrives in arid regions and is known for its extremely large, meaty carcass. Registered Dorper Ewe Lambs For Sale. The Dorper and the Katahdin were derived from very different types of hair sheep. Katahdins have a wide variety of colors and patterns, like Shetlands and Icelandics but without the hard-to-remember names. 7 year old Katahdin ewe . The Dorper has been very effective in increasing the growth rate, carcass size and quality of all the typical hair-type breeds such a the Barbados, Katahdin, St. Croix, the Mexican Pelibuey and other breeds that are considered exotic types. In 2002, low rainfall in late summer reduced the level of worm challenge and required an increase in level of supplemental feeding. The katahdin//dorper crosses are noticeably bigger than the pure katahdins. Caribbean hair sheep had lower egg counts than Katahdins in 2001 but not in 2002. The Society was organized in December of 1995. However, fecal egg counts in Katahdin wethers on pasture were still 45% lower than those observed in Dorper and Dorset crosses. Although the Dorper and the Katahdin are both derived from hair sheep crosses, differences in parasite resistance between the two breeds are not surprising. Our F1 cross ram lambs are going to market at 3-4 months weighing 70-90 lbs. He's solid and the lambs are far from poor, but I think a little stouter ram would help quite a bit. Please indicate pricing as well. Red is just called red, red and white is just red and white. Table 2. Differences in fecal egg counts between Dorper and Dorset crosses were not observed in grazing wethers. The breeder from whom I purchased the lambs said she is breeding in dorper with the katahdins to "beef" them up a little. The Dorper Sheep Breeders’ Society of South Africa was founded in 1950 and now has 600 members throughout South Africa and Namibia. We are two farms, Charmingfare Farm in Candia, NH and Waldoview Farm in Winterport, ME, working together to meet the growing demand for top quality Katahdin Hair Sheep across the northeast and beyond.